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Gari Gari Kun Popsicle and Sparkling Sake

During the sweltering summer, Japanese people enjoy eating Gari Gari Kun, a beloved popsicle brand, to quench their thirst and boost energy. “Gari gari” is an example of onomatopoeia that describes the sound and action of hard objects scratching against each other. In this case, “gari gari” suggests the sound of biting into an icy, rock-hard popsicle. At sunset, you can kick back with a bit of Prosecco or even Japanese sparkling sake.

Step 1: Fill one thirds of a wine glass with your favorite sparkling sake.

Step 2: Add two pieces of Amarena cherries in the glass.

Step 3: Place a Gari Gari Kun in the glass.

Pictured above is served with Dassai Sparkling and Amarena cherries in syrup from Fabbri in a wine glass from Riedel.

The image on the right is a left-over, perfectly fitting in the glass we got in Ippodo Tea New York.


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