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Chakin Shibori

Chakin Shibori (literally “tea towel squeeze”) is a traditional Japanese homemade dessert full of autumn flavor. Made with satsumaimo (Japanese yam) and sugar, it’s non-fat, fiber-rich, vegan, and easy to make. You can also spice it up by adding matcha powder.


Yields 12–14 pieces

14 oz satsumaimo (Japanese yam)

3–4 tbsp sugar

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp matcha powder


Step 1: Cut satsumaimo into about one-inch cubes.

Step 2: Soak satsumaimo cubes in cold water for 30 minutes. Change water once or twice. (These steps make the flavor fuller and smoother.)

Step 3: Add satsumaimo and cold water into a pot and cook for about 20 minutes, until soft enough to mash.

Step 4: Mash the satsumaimo and add sugar and a pinch of salt. Adjust the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of the satsumaimo.

Step 5: Divide the mashed satsumaimo into two.

Step 6: Mix in matcha powder into half the mashed satsumaimo.

Step 7: Put two spoonfuls of plain or matcha-flavored mashed satsumaimo onto a wet fukin* (Japanese kitchen towel), wrap it, and twist the top of the fukin to make a ball shape. (You can also make a ball that combines the plain and matcha-flavored versions.)

*You can substitute plastic wrap.

We used "kiwami" matcha powder from Matchaful.


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