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Unbreakable, Temperature-Retaining Drinkware  —Double-Walled Titanium Cups by HORIE

Whether you gulp ice-cold tea from a tumbler or sip steaming hot pour-over coffee from a cup, you have the same problem: the container absorbs the drink's temperature, making it hard to hold. For this reason, double-walled glass cups are very popular today. But unfortunately they break! 

HORIE's double-walled titanium cups are the best of both worlds––they are unbreakable, and they let you hold your drink without any discomfort. Because the tumblers are double-walled, they also retain the temperature of your beverage very well. The cup will help keep your cold drink chilled and won't sweat, while your hot beverage will also stay hot for a long time. (The next time you buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks, pour it into HORIE’s double-walled cup and see how your coffee-drinking experience improves.)

The biggest difference between titanium and glass cups might be the unbreakable aspect, but there are additional benefits of titanium. The rim of a double-walled glass cup is usually thick, but HORIE’s double-walled cup tapers at the rim to a thin edge that is nice and gentle on your lips. Titanium cups can also be colorful––HORIE can produce a wide variety of shades by using anodizing oxidation technology. The texture of the material can also be manipulated with the same technology. (For our photo shoot, we chose cups with rustic shades and textures, reminiscent of Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics.) 

HORIE’s double-walled titanium drinkware is also light and durable. If you take these cups hiking or camping, you will bring a touch of luxury to the forest. HORIE's tumblers are also great for keeping drinks cool at outdoor summer parties. 

Note: Titanium is a very safe material that is used in tooth implants. Titanium neither rusts nor ionizes and does not cause allergic reactions.


HORIE’s NY Showroom is located in Midtown. (By appointment only)



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