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"Sushi Master: An Expert Guide to Sourcing, Making, and Enjoying Sushi at Home" by Nick Sakagami

No one would disagree that sushi epitomizes Japanese food culture: paying close attention to the quality of ingredients, preparing each ingredient simply yet in a way that extracts its essence, and presenting it in accordance with seasonal aesthetics. This is what Nick Sakagami tries to convey in his newly released book, Sushi Master. Sakagami, born in Tokyo and a longtime resident of Los Angeles, owns a seafood importing and consulting business and, as of now, is the only person outside Japan to have been certified as an osakana meister, or fish master. He not only shares his knowledge about fish and Japanese sushi culture, but also further explores this world by visiting the world-famous Toyosu Fish Market (formerly known as Tsukiji) in Tokyo. His vivid and enthusiastic descriptions can't help but make readers want to learn more about what they are going to eat. 

The book, however, is fundamentally a cookbook. Sakagami devotes many pages to explaining what you need to make sushi, from tools like hocho (Japanese knives) and cutting boards to how to source ingredients to how to cook rice. The recipes cover makimono (rolled sushi), sashimi (slices of fresh, raw fish), nigiri (a slice of raw fish over sushi rice), and even onigiri (rice balls), side dishes, and soups, including vegetarian options. The repertoire ranges from classics (tuna nigiri, miso soup) to modern takes (Kanpachi Carpaccio with Tosazu Gellée, Tuna Bloodline Yakitori), which are created by Sakagami’s favorite international chefs, such as Chef Ken Namba (Kiriko Sushi), Chefs Yoya Takahashi and Mika Matsui (Hamasaku), Chef Masa Sasaki (Sasaki), Chef Masayuki Furukawa (Masa Sushi), Chef Hiroji Obayashi (retired), and Chef Davin Waite (Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub, The Whet Noodle). Whether you are a home chef, an avid eater, or simply interested in Japanese food culture, you will find Sushi Master practical and inspiring. 

Sushi Master: An Expert Guide to Sourcing, Making, and Enjoying Sushi at Home

By Nick Sakagami

Published by Quarry Books

Available on


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