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Mizuhiki (Japanese Embellishment Cords) Art Workshop 

December 16th, 2019

Beginner Level: 1:00-3:00 PM

Mizuhiki are traditional Japanese embellishment cords that date back to the seventh century. Made of washi paper twisted into thin, stiff, strong––yet flexible––cord, mizuhiki allow us to create uniquely elegant knots and patterns. Mizuhiki have traditionally been used to tie gifts and embellish envelops, but today you can use it to create accessories and ornaments.

In the two-hour introductory class, you’ll learn three basic knots–– Awaji, Daki Awaji, and Ume (plum flower)––which you can instantly use to embellish your gift wrapping. In the three-hour introductory/intermediate-level class, you’ll learn four knots––Awaji, Daki Awaji, Ume (plum flower), and Tsubaki (camellia), and you’ll make either a chopstick rest or a bottle necklace of your choice. 

Materials are provided. 

Class size: 4–6 people 

Taught in English and Japanese

Location: Arranged to participants' convenience. (Manhattan or Brooklyn)

Fee: $50 + tax for beginner level class

$70 + tax for beginner/intermediate level class

For tickets, click the texts below.


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